Getting Mog Home

We were send a text message from one of our facebook group members Bev about a deceased cat that her husband found as he went into his garage on Sunday the 25th of February. The cat was found curled up on an old cat bed and appeared to be asleep until he approached and realised the cat wasn’t moving, he alerted Bev and she text us immediately to see if we could check the cat for a chip.

We attended as soon as we could and noted that the garage door had a very large gap at the bottom so the cat wasn’t stuck inside the garage. The couple were deeply saddened and very upset. We checked the cat for a chip and she was chipped, her name was Lulu on her microchip. So we tried to call all of the phone numbers on the chip with no luck. We explained to Bev and her husband that we would take her with us and go door knocking at the address on the chip. We gave her a cuddle and a kiss and Bev gave her a few strokes to say goodnight.

We attended at the address on the chip but there was no answer. We were left with no choice but to take the cat back to HQ to keep her in cold storage to preserve her little body so we could continue looking for her owner. We noticed she had a red/pink collar on with little silver dots with a bell and she had the smallest white tip on her tail.

We placed a post on our facebook group to see if anyone knew the name Lulu and the area she was originally from with no luck.

It was only on Friday the 2nd of March that Bev asked what colour the collar was and which area she was originally from that a we realised that we saw a post on our group about a cat called Mog that was missing, she had a pink collar on and had a tiny white tip on her tail. We asked the owners daughter if she could give us a call to clarify what name was on Mogs microchip.

She rang and explained that her name on the chip was Lulu and she was still registered to her foster carers name and address. We informed her that we had indeed found Mog and that she had crossed rainbow bridge.

We took Mog home to her owner who was absolutely devastated with the news but she was very grateful that she had been found and didn’t have to go out looking for her.

We stayed with the owner for a little while as Mog was laid to rest.

Rest in paws heaven beautiful girl, you were loved by so many xxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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