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Getting some hand rears safe

We received a call about some orphaned kittens. The mum cat was owned by a lovely lady but the mum refused to feed the babies (some cats just aren’t ready for motherhood). The owner had taken the kittens to the

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Rehabilitating Mac N Cheese the swimmers kittens

We were contacted by Cats Protection Bredhurst about kittens that were born from a feral mum. Two of the kittens had swimmers syndrome and they needed some intervention to help straighten their legs and build their muscles up. We collected

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Chip N Snip Day

We came up with a great idea to help families on low income get their cats neutered and chipped. We started by co-ordinating with the RSPCA and Cats Protection to see if we could put a little something together. We

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Getting Rosie and Jim safe

We start this story around February last year (2017) when we were called to collect a semi feral cat that had babies. We brought the mum cat back to HQ and got her booked in for a spay, we named

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Helping Beemo

One of our volunteers in Ramsgate (Natasha Bizarra) was alerted to a kitten that had fallen down a flight of stairs. The kitten is approximately 7 weeks old. The kitten was owned by a lovely family but they had no

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Getting King James Safe

We received a private message last night about a cat that had been living rough for years on Castle Road in Chatham. This cat is very beaten up and has sticky eyes and a lot of snot coming from his

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The Zoltan 4 – Flu Kittens

We were tagged on a Facebook group about a few kittens that were found abandoned by their feral mum in a residential caravan park. The lovely lady explained that ‘the kittens eyes were sealed shut with gunk’. We said we

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