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Deceased Male Tabby Cat Found Coronation Road Chatham

We saw a post on Facebook last night about a cat that was involved in an RTA and passed away along Coronation Road in Chatham. A few people living there went door knocking to try and locate the owner, they

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Getting Coco Home

We received a report from a wonderful man called Simon. He placed a post on our group saying a cat had wandered into his garden in terrible condition and he was worried the cat was dying. We messaged him and

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Getting Marley Home

We received a frantic knock on the door at HQ around 11pm last night. A young gentleman out of breath explained that there was a dog on a doorstep on Gillingham Road growling, shaking and wasn’t moving. The young gentleman

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Getting Jeff Home

We were tagged on a few Facebook groups about a deceased cat that was found in Rochester. A lovely man had picked the cat up, wrapped him up and kept him safe. We explained we could attend and check for

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Deceased Male Black and a White Cat Found Woodlands Road in Gillingham

We received a report about a deceased cat along Woodlands Road in Gillingham. We left immediately to have a look but there was no sign. After some time a lady placed a post on Facebook to say she had collected

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Getting Jimin Home

We received a report about a deceased cat along Railway Street in Gillingham, we attended as soon as we could. Initially we couldn’t find the cat but did a u-turn in an adjacent road and saw someone had moved the

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Getting Billy Home

We received a phone call about a dog that was found in Rainham this evening. We explained we could check the dogs chip to hopefully locate an owner. We attended and checked the dog for a chip and he was

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