Getting Tatty Home

We received a phone call from a very worried lady in Faversham this evening. She explained that she had a ginger cat visiting her and a neighbour for the past two weeks, he was dirty, matted and had started to lose weight. Because of the forecasted heavy snow they were so worried for the cat sitting outside their properties so they placed him into a cat basket and brought him indoors to call around organisations to help. The lady had called quite a few numbers through the evening and there was no one to help.

We explained that we could travel to her from Gillingham but it may take us some time because of the snow, she was so grateful as her dogs are not cat friendly at all but she couldn’t bare to see the cat out in -3 degrees overnight.

We attended and checked the cat for a chip, he was chipped! On his chip he was called Gizmo, so we tried to call the phone number on the chip with no response. We explained that we will take the cat with us and go door knocking.

When we knocked at the registered address the lady initially didn’t know who we were talking about, then we repeated the name… Suddenly she shouted ‘oh Tatty Cat!!!!’. It turns out that she had rehomed the cat to one of her friends and work colleagues and they had renamed the cat Tatty.

So she rang her friend who was elated to hear that her cat Tatty was alive albeit a little tatty.

Tatty had been missing for a whole month after the owner had flea treated him and placed another new collar on him.

The new owner now has the microchip number and will be taking Tatty to the vets and ringing up the microchip database to get his details changed.

Be safe beautiful boy xxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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