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Getting Saru Safe

We received a phone call from a very worried staff member at Dobbies in Gillingham. She went on to explain that there was a kitten screaming for help as he/she was stuck. They tried to explain the gravity of the

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Getting Cannon and Ball Safe

We received an inbox from a lovely lady called Paula she explained she was out walking her dog and she heard some kittens menowing under a car, she had a look but couldn’t grab them as she had her hands

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Finishing the free kitten cycle

We were alerted last year to free kittens: Last Years Story Now for us to be able to help last year we were told we could only help if the owner could keep one kitten from the litter, spay mum

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Getting Croc the Fox

We were sent a task from The Fox Project yesterday about a fox cub that was sitting in a garden all alone and barking for his mum in the rain. We attended as soon as we could, however by the

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Trying to help Candy

We received a report of a cat stuck at a property in Ramsgate. Our volunteer Natasha Bizarra attended and assessed the situation. There was no way down apart from an extremely long ladder. Natasha called Ramsgate fire brigade to see

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Helping Beemo

One of our volunteers in Ramsgate (Natasha Bizarra) was alerted to a kitten that had fallen down a flight of stairs. The kitten is approximately 7 weeks old. The kitten was owned by a lovely family but they had no

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Getting King James Safe

We received a private message last night about a cat that had been living rough for years on Castle Road in Chatham. This cat is very beaten up and has sticky eyes and a lot of snot coming from his

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