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Helping Beemo

One of our volunteers in Ramsgate (Natasha Bizarra) was alerted to a kitten that had fallen down a flight of stairs. The kitten is approximately 7 weeks old. The kitten was owned by a lovely family but they had no

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Getting King James Safe

We received a private message last night about a cat that had been living rough for years on Castle Road in Chatham. This cat is very beaten up and has sticky eyes and a lot of snot coming from his

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Getting Trumpet the fox safe

We received a message from one of the volunteers at The Fox Project. She explained that there was a baby fox found in the middle of an extremely busy road in Gillingham this morning, a lovely man had taken the

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Getting mum and kitten safe *Graphic Content*

We received a panicked phone call from a lady who said a stray mum cat has given birth to babies and the mum had started eating the babies. Cats do this for various reasons. We raced over there and asked

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Getting some cats safe

We were tagged on a Facebook group about cats that were being given away free, we offered advice on the post and the man explained the situation. His uncle had been taken into hospital as he had a major stroke,

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Mutilations In Kent Public Awareness

As some people are aware there have been a few animal mutilations in the Kent area. These are all being linked to one another and are under Operation Takahe with the police. We have been helping the police in the

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Getting Misty Safe

We were sent an inbox around 2 months ago about 2 cats that had been abandoned by a man. We followed up with the report and couldn’t find the cats anywhere and asked the residents if they could keep an

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