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Cat Found with Urine Burns in Chatham

We were alerted by a lovely lady who said she has found a cat in Chatham this afternoon, she was concerned as the cat seemed skinny. We attended to check the cat for a chip. Initially when we saw the

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Helping Purrita and Glenda

We saw a post on Facebook a few weeks ago about a mum cat who had given birth to 4 babies in a shed, 3 of which had perished. We attended to help and see if we could contain mum

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Getting Two Fox Cubs Safe

We received a call from a lady called Sarah, she explained that she had a call from a lady who’s gardener had come across some kittens under her decking. We asked if there had been any cats around but she

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Rescuing Tinkerbell

This is a very unfortunate and tragic story of a lady who had passed away who left behind a family, her cat and her dog. The family tried their best to find somewhere for the cat and the dog that

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Abandoned Cat and Kitten Found in Lordswood

We received a call about a cat and kitten that had been abandoned next to Lordswood Leisure centre car park. The cats were in a dog crate with no food, blankets or water. A lovely lady called Stacy spotted them,

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Neuter your feral (With Harry)

Trap Neuter Release ( and eventually become a pet ) One of our admin was contacted in early May this year to help with a problem Un-neutered tom cat who was spraying, worrying her cats and breaking the cat flap

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Getting Floyd the Dog Safe *Warning Distressing Content*

We received a call from Wigmore Vets in Rainham today, they explained that a dog was found cowering in a bush in a very bad way, the dog wasn’t walking properly and wasn’t chipped. We said we would help as

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