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Getting Daphne the feral safe

Two of our volunteers in Maidstone were alerted to a mum and kittens living in a barn, they attended to see what they could do to help. Mum was nowhere to be seen but they spotted some kittens that seemed

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Getting some hand rears and feral kittens safe

We received a phone call about some newborn kittens that were found in a shed in Gravesend. A man went into his shed and accidentally disturbed a feral mum and her babies. They had found one deceased baby amongst them

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Getting Brad Safe

One of our Maidstone volunteers was alerted to a cat that had been sleeping in a skip for a few years. The finder was sure that the cat had numerous litters of kittens and he wanted the cat to go

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Getting Bruno the handrear safe

A post went up on Facebook this evening about a lady who had found 3 two day old kittens in her garden. Unfortunately two of the babies had passed away and she had nothing to feed the third to keep

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Bumps Story

We were tagged on a Facebook group in Hoo about a cat that was walking in and out of the road and looking in bad condition.  Billy Palmer rang us to confirm that he and a lovely lady called Pam

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The Gravesend Mum and Kittens

Around 8 weeks ago we got an alert from an older gentleman with a mum and 4 kittens residing in his shed. We tried to use the babies to lure mum into a trap but she wasn’t having any of

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How many cats? 

We have been so busy these past couple of days, we will explain why.  We were approached by a lady who kept finding dead kittens in her garden over a period of time. She managed to trace where they were

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