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Getting Bagpuss Safe

One of our volunteers Abigail noticed a cat that had been straying for a very long time around where she lived. She wasn’t able to get close to him at all, he wasn’t neutered and was impregnating all of the

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Kitten Covered in Ticks

One semi feral kitten caught by a lovely lady and her friend. The lady took the baby to Manor Veterinary Centre who got in touch with us. Manor vet nurses found 25 ticks on this baby. There are more on

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Mum and two from Gravesend

One mum and two babies collected today. Mum was a stray unneuterd girl. A lady started feeding her and caring for her. She then gave birth to 5 babies, a few weeks later 3 have died, she panicked and asked

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Dear previous owner who threw me away a few days ago. I ended up staying with two ladies who filled my belly with food, got rid of my fleas and wormed me with yukky white paste. If you had started

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Keeping your cat safe

We thought it was about time that we wrote an article on how to keep your cat safer. There are a few things you can do to make sure your furry family member is safe. 1. Neuter your cat: Neutering

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Feral Kittens In The Rafters

We were sent a private message from Lauren Amey earlier today, she explained that her husband (Rob) had heard some kittens crying in his lock up roof. He went to investigate the noise thinking that it was one cat that

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Getting Noodle and Welling the baby squirrels safe

Update: Unfortunately I have really upsetting news. We were in contact with Follys Wildlife rescue and we were going to transport little Noodle to them tomorrow to carry on with his care. He passed away at 3:30pm today 😢 we

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