Getting some hand rears and feral kittens safe

We received a phone call about some newborn kittens that were found in a shed in Gravesend. A man went into his shed and accidentally disturbed a feral mum and her babies. They had found one deceased baby amongst them but didn’t touch them. They left the babies there in the hope that mum would return, she didn’t so they took them to a vet but the vet said they couldn’t help at that time. They eventually got our phone number and we explained that mum needed to be trapped as quick as possible and that we could help with feeding the babies.

As we were collecting the babies the finder explained that there were two feral kittens found running around in a graveyard in Gravesend also and we were asked if we could help those. So we picked up the three 2 day old babies and thanked the finder for caring and raced over to see what was happening with the other kittens.

The two feral kittens we running around in a shed, so we had to try and locate where they were and get them into a cat basket. After 10 minutes of being covered in spiders and cobwebs we managed to get them both.

Now all of these babies are going to take a lot of time and patience before they can either go into rescue or rehomed through ourselves. The 2 day old babies are now 5 days old and we are feeding them a good quality formula every 2 hours day and night and the two semi ferals are slowly coming around to being touched with using routine and a soft approach.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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3 comments on “Getting some hand rears and feral kittens safe
  1. Wendy Pain says:

    So glad you can help them. We had a litter of 6 born in an outside shed 15 years ago. We managed to catch them all with traps supplied by Cats Protection, had them all neutered, and they lived here. We have one left now, and he is a gentle, beautiful tabby. Yes, it took a long time to tame them, but it has been worth every minute.


  2. Tara Datlin says:

    I’m the finder of the young kittens they are being looked after by the right people x thank god we got them !


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