Getting Daphne the feral safe

Two of our volunteers in Maidstone were alerted to a mum and kittens living in a barn, they attended to see what they could do to help. Mum was nowhere to be seen but they spotted some kittens that seemed around 7 weeks of age. They managed to catch one baby and the rest scampered away. They brought the one kitten to headquarters to be placed in a pen, this kitten we nicknamed hissy spitty as she was a very feisty tortie girl. You couldnt get near her without her wanting to bite and scratch you.

We have used a few techniques with her along with some strict routine feeds to see if she would succumb to that human thing.

Just over one month later she now enjoys a stroke and cuddles, she purrs and menows when you walk past her bed. We also found out she prefers older cats and definitely does not like other kittens. She absolutely adores her up high hammock bed and has us in stitches with her antics, we have renamed her Daphne and she is now ready to go to Cats protection Bredhurst so she can be offered a forever home.

Her mum and the other kittens are still part of an ongoing investigation but to date have never been spotted again. We will keep checking around that area for any sightings.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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