Getting Brad Safe

One of our Maidstone volunteers was alerted to a cat that had been sleeping in a skip for a few years. The finder was sure that the cat had numerous litters of kittens and he wanted the cat to go somewhere safe as he had been feeding the cat for 2 years. The finder couldn’t take the cat indoors as he had a dog that wasn’t very keen on cats. We prepared a safe place for the cat at headquarters and booked a vet appointment to get the cat spayed.

After dropping the cat off at the vets we explained the full story as to how we came across the cat who was named Brittany by the finder. Apparently Brittany was caught up in the middle of a break up some years ago and was left behind, so the finder started to care for Brittany.

After a few hours we call to see how ‘Brittany’ was doing at the vets, only to be told that Brittany was indeed a neutered male! The vets apologised as they had started the operation and couldn’t find a uterus and double checked the sex of the cat to find he had a penis (ooops).

We decided to name him Brad, he is a stunning boy and very talkative, he will be heading to Cats Protection Bredhurst when they have room for him, but for now we are getting him used to his name Brad and caring for his needs.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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