Getting Augustus (Gus) Home

We were sent a text message from a lovely lady called Paula who explained that a cat had been hanging around a dance studio in Gillingham for a couple of weeks and she was concerned the cat may be lost.  We offered our services and said we could check the cat for a chip when the cat returned again.

After a couple of days we recieved a text to say that the cat had returned and they had managed to contain the cat in the dance studio.  We left immediately and checked for a chip.

Another lovely lady let us in the building and explained that he had been there for a few weeks and that they had all grown attached to him with his regular visits.


 We checked the cat for a chip and he was chipped,  however there were no details of the owner registered on the chip at all.  So we rang up the people who implanted the chip and they helped us track down the owner.  

We were then given a phone number to try and after a few seconds someone answered.  We explained who we were,  but the owner already knew who we were and was really concerned it would be bad news.  Once we explained that he was alive and well she was over the moon and broke down over the phone to us.

Augustus has been missing from Chatham since the beginning of April and he had managed to travel to Gillingham within this time.  

We then went and got our cat box to take him home.  


His owners are over the moon that he is home as will be his furry family as they have all been missing him terribly since he went missing.

20160805_144232 Be safe Augustus!!  Xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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6 comments on “Getting Augustus (Gus) Home
  1. Buxton Dance says:

    I am so so thrilled to see a happy ending for Gus (who we had named Betty! ) Thank you for your brilliant work. Without people like you coming and scanning, phoning, driving and CARING!…these happy endings wouldn’t be possible! My day is made! Hope you get masses of treats and love now you’re home Gus! Xx


  2. Welcome home Gus, now stay safe – at home! Big well done to all concerned in his rescue xx


  3. Julie Gee says:

    Awwww so happy to see Gus is back home safe … We will miss you and your friendly welcomes xxx


  4. Julie Gee says:

    We will miss you Gus and making a fuss of you xx


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