Getting Casper Home

A post went onto our Facebook group this morning about a white cat that had been found deceased on the Four Elms Hill Road,  Chattenden.  We attended to check but saw no sign of the cat at all so returned back to Gillingham.  After managing to get in touch with the lady that originally posted she explained that the cat had been moved away from the road and gently placed into a bag out of harms way.

So we drove straight back up and checked the cat for a chip. We ran the scanner over the bag first so we didn’t have to disturb his positioning,  the scanner beeped,  he was chipped and his name was Casper. 

We then thanked the lady for taking care of him then picked him up and gave him a hug and a kiss and placed him into our box. 

We then checked the microchip database for the last known address and contact phone number to get in touch with the owner to deliver the horrible news.  His details were up to date and his owners answered straight away.  

Casper hadn’t come home last night and they had been out looking for him all morning.  We explained that we could bring him home straight away.  

Casper’s owners were distraught with their news and we tried so hard to put on a brave face for them.  Casper’s furry family were also given a chance to say goodbye to him.  Such a beautiful big boy he was. 

Rest In Paws Heaven beautiful boy xxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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4 comments on “Getting Casper Home
  1. RIP Casper – my heart goes out to Casper’s family and yourselves xx


  2. Ah! sad at least you will give them closure of some kind. RIP little Casper. Your all awesome… Thank you all xx


  3. I’m so scared to get this news about Peter. Sleep well Casper. Much love to your family x x x


  4. Sharon Ross says:

    Aww thank you Natasha
    Bless you!
    Thats so nice of you!!xx

    Thank you all for your kind comments xxx


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