Getting Bob Home Safe

Bob the dog went missing from his home around midnight last night, he was let out for his usual toilet before bed.  When the owners double checked on him, he had vanished.  The owners then frantically called everyone from the dog warden, councils and vets in the local area to alert them to Bob being missing.  They searched high and low for hours and placed posters all around the area as soon as they physically could.  After worrying all night and day they still had no luck in finding him.

A post went up on a facebook group about a dog that was missing and we were tagged to see if we could help.  We immediately pointed them towards our group by placing a link under their post to share Bob.

After half an hour we were tagged on another post on facebook about someone looking for us to help with a scan for a found animal, so we inboxed them our details and they called us to explain that they had indeed found a dog.  We had a sneaky suspicion that it was the dog reported missing, but wanted to double check with a chip scan just incase.  The finders were more than happy for us to attend and check the found dog for a chip.  The finder explained how she came about him and said she had ran out of dog biscuits and was leaving the house to go knock on her mums house to borrow some when she stumbled upon a dog looking terrified laying in the grassy area just away from a very busy road.

We then scanned the dog and checked for a chip and he was chipped, however there were no details registered on the microchip, so we found the post with the lost dog and asked them to call us as soon as they could. Within 10 minutes we received a phone call from a very concerned owner asking if we have his dog.  We explained the situation and that they will have to provide proof of the dogs microchip number, which they did and it was a match!!  Before we took Bob home, everyone got a huge cuddle from him, and oh how he loved his cuddles and fuss.


We then transported Bob straight home to his owners. This is the face Bob pulled when we said to him he was going home, you can almost see his smile.


When we arrived Bob’s worried owners were already waiting outside for us anxious to see him, his owners were over the moon to see him return to them as was his non furry siblings.


Be safe Bob and we urge all owners to please double check your microchip details are up to date and that they are registered.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Bob Home Safe
  1. Peter Cole says:

    A huge huge huge THANK YOU to all who helped find BoB. He was so badly missed by us all and we all offer our deepest gratitude to the lovely lady who found him.
    We also salute all who tirelessly work hard making sure lost animals that are found in Kent, are reunited with their owner’s.
    Thank You again and again.

    Peter & Pam Cole


  2. Anna Maria Blogg says:

    What a lovely story, with a happy ending for all. Well done all.


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