Snake 4 weeks missing – Reunited

Someone posted to our facebook page this evening about a snake that had been found in Castlemaine Avenue in Gillingham.  The finder of the snake had knocked on a few doors after getting the snake out of the rain and safe, but no-one knew anything about where the snake had come from.  One of the finders neighbours remembered us from before when they helped us reunite a dog quite a long time ago now and thought we may be of some help.

So we arrived with our scanner as snakes can also be microchipped (by a vet).  Unfortunately the snake was not chipped, so we contacted one of our very good friends Mark who has a lot of experience with snakes to see if he could help us, he agreed to take care of the snake until we could find the owner.

So we carefully wrapped the snake up with lots of comfortable towels and blankets and transported him to his new safe house for the time being.  We even got a little cuddle in the process of taking him to safety.


After taking the snake to Mark, he explained a few things about snakes we didn’t know about before and promised to keep him safe.  So we placed a post on our page with no photo to see if we could maybe track down an owner. Within the space of an hour we received a phone call from a lovely lady explaining that her snake went missing around 4 weeks ago, she said it was a long shot but if we had a look under his belly we should see a scar.  So we contacted Mark to check and to our surprise the snake had a scar exactly like the one described by the lady.

We then drove back to where Mark was to pick the snake who by this time had made himself right at home.


When we arrived the owners had lots of photos to show us of their much loved snake that had gone missing and it matched perfectly with the snake that was found.  The owners went on to explain that he must have nudged the vivarium open and slid out, and on that very same day that they noticed him missing they had placed a lot of cardboard boxes outside and feared the worst.  He had been missing for 4 weeks!

Needless to say, the snake called Snake was reunited with his owners who are absolutely over the moon that he is safe back where he belongs.




Snake slithered around his vivarium like he had never left.  Be safe Snake xxxxx

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4 comments on “Snake 4 weeks missing – Reunited
  1. Oh I love it. Thank you so much again for all your help. My little girl is going to to hover the moon tomorrow xx


  2. Vicki Oram says:

    Not a huge snake fan but I’m glad he’s been reunited with his owner. Thanks Dee and Natasha for your help once again. I’ll let my neighbour know he’s back home safe and sound.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic job, well done everyone xx


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