Getting Chloe The 5 Month Wandering Cat Home

We were tagged in a post on a facebook group about a cat that had been hanging around for a couple of days crying and not moving from behind a travel agents in Rainham.


We contacted the finder and explained that we could come out and check the cat for a chip as soon as possible, she agreed.  When we arrived we noticed that the cat was just laying in the middle of the car park and was not making any attempts to run away when approached slowly.  So we checked the cat for a chip after gaining some trust and love and the cat was chipped!  Her name was Chloe, a 16 year old gorgeous and loving little cat.

We then contacted the database and found that her last known address was in Sittingbourne, so we initially thought that the details may have been out of date, oh how we were wrong.  When we called the phone number held on the database they answered within seconds and explained that Chloe was indeed from Sittingbourne.  The owner explained that Chloe had been missing for 5 months, so we placed her gently in a cat basket and took her back home.


Driving from where Chloe was found back to where she originally came from took us quite some time (5 miles).


Chloe walked around the house and gave everyone lots of love like she had never left at all.




Be safe Chloe xxxxxxxx


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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4 comments on “Getting Chloe The 5 Month Wandering Cat Home
  1. This has given me goosebumps, such a happy ending for this lovely cat x


  2. Oh well done indeed to all involved in her rescue – stay safe little one x


  3. Omg that’s an amazing outcome well done Tash without you this wouldn’t have been possible and Chole might never have got home such a happy ending xxx


  4. Anonymous says:

    What a lovely story with such a happy ending,


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