Getting Pukka Home

A lovely lady sent us an inbox through Facebook messenger last night.  She explained that she had a cat constantly crying outside her window and her neighbours window from the early evening and wouldn’t leave.  They were almost certain that the cat was pregnant,  so this made them very worried.

We offered to come out and check the cat for a chip in the hope that some had microchipped her.

When we arrived the cat had made herself right at home on the sofa,  purring and padding her feet with her eyes closed.  We checked her for a chip and she was chipped!

Her name was Pukka, she was neutered so thankfully not pregnant.  She only lived a few streets away.  We rang the phone numbers on the chip and a lady answered,  we explained what had happened and that we could bring her cat home.

Apparently Pukka is quite an old cat and could possibly be suffering a little from dementia her owner explained.  One happy gorgeous natured cat and a very happy owner.

Stay safe Pukka xxxx


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Getting Pukka Home
  1. Brilliant.. Thank you !


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