Getting Tigger Home

We were tagged in a post on Facebook about a cat that had been involved in an RTA in Sittingbourne.  A lady saw what had happened and was clearly shaken up and was unsure about what to do,  so she placed the cat in a box and moved the cat to safety.

We explained that we were on our way and would check the cat for a chip.  She explained exactly where the box was so we could efficiently get the cat to safety.  When we arrived we couldn’t find the box initially and a lovely lady that also has a scanner arrived to help,  so off we went to try and find this elusive box asking passers by if they saw a box laying about.  After walking a few yards we finally found what we were looking for,  and chip checked the cat,  and he was chipped!

We found out his name was Tigger and he wasn’t originally from the area according to the last known address on the microchip database.  So we tried to ring the phone numbers and got through to a man that explained he did own Tigger some 2 years ago,  he didn’t have any contact details for the new owners at all.  But he did say that they owned large dogs and they lived in a big house.

The only other option we were left with was to knock on a few doors up and down the street.  After about an hour we came across a family that knew where the cat lived and we asked them all the relevant questions about their cat and it did belong to them.  The young girl was devastated as her dad had bought her the cat before he passed away.

We gave her a few options incase she didn’t want to see Tiger,  but she chose to have him back home with her so she could bury him in the garden.

Please update your microchip details when you move,  it makes our job so much easier and will help with reuniting your pet a lot quicker.

Rest In Paws Heaven little one xxxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Getting Tigger Home
  1. Such a sad story, yet shows what wonderful angels you are.


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