Getting Millie Home

We were tagged on a Facebook post about a dog that had been found in Rochester this evening.


We contacted the finder of the dog and explained that we could check for a chip free of charge,  to which they agreed.  So off we went to Rochester with everything crossed that she was chipped.

When we arrived and scanned her,  it took some time to find the chip on her as she was a large dog and her chip had migrated down to her left shoulder slightly,  but she was chipped! 


We checked the database for the keepers details and noticed that there was a transfer of ownership pending.  So we rang the original keepers phone numbers that were held on the chip,  but there was no answer.  So we were left with the decision to call the pending keeper on the database to grill them with every piece of information that they had for the dog.

The man that answered was more than happy to give out every detail from the previous keeper and the dogs microchip number over the phone.  So we thanked the finders of the dog (who had already cleared out their garage for her incase she had to stay overnight)  and proceeded to take her home.


She was so well behaved in the car,  we even got kisses.  When we arrived the owner and his other dog came to greet her and she nearly pulled us off our feet trying to get to them faster.  Such a beautiful dog and such a wonderful reunite.

Be safe Millie xxxx


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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4 comments on “Getting Millie Home
  1. I love a happy ending……..well done xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. Mary Charles says:

    she is beautiful glad u got her home


  3. Angels in disguise….wonderful happy ending


  4. Angela Winchester says:

    Big well done again 😊 Beautiful girl x


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