Reuniting Dusty

We were sent an inbox from a lovely couple that we had met before as they had lost their cat in the past and he was reunited.  The lady was concerned about a very small grey and white cat had been hanging around and looked very unkempt. She asked us if we could help,  so we attended to check the cat for a chip.


We checked her with our scanner,  and she was chipped!  Her name was Dusty.

We tried all of the phone numbers on the chip details,  one was out of use and the other just rang out.  So we sent a text message with fingers and toes crossed.  We didn’t hear a thing from either,  so decided to go and knock on the only known address registered on the chip.

We sat in the car and recieved a phone call from an unknown phone number and a lady explained that she had to move away from the area into sheltered housing in Dartford and left her cat Dusty with her friend until she was sorted.  She then went on to explain that her cat had been missing from her friends house for over 6 weeks and her friend was feeling ever so terrible about it.  We asked if we could have her friends phone number to take the cat back to her asap.  So off we went to pick the cat back up from the finders house,  explained what was happening,  placed Dusty the very dusty cat into the cat box and proceeded to take her to the owners friends house.


The owners friend was over the moon that Dusty was alive and well.

Proof again that microchipping works!

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Reuniting Dusty
  1. And brilliant work again done by animals lost and found in Kent


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