Getting Billy Home

We were tagged on a post on Facebook of a cat that had been found on Barnsole Road in Rochester last night.  We offered the finder a chip check and proceeded to check the cat for a chip.


He was chipped and his name was Billy.  So we continued to try the phone numbers registered on the microchip.  Both phone numbers were not in use anymore,  and Billy seemed to be a little distressed at having his chest touched.  So we placed him in a cat basket and proceeded to try the last known address on the microchip.

We arrived and hoped that the owner still lived at the same address,  but when we got there,  there was no answer.  So,  we left a note explaining why we were there,  who we were and if they could give us a call.

We then continued to take Billy to the vets to be checked over and to find out if he had ever been through their systems.  Apart from having Pectus Excavatum and a very slight heart murmer (probably due to being stressed out with everything that was going on)  he was in great condition.  So we brought Billy home as it was getting late and he would need some food and the toilet. We set up a room for him and he was so happy, cuddled in and started purring.

We received a phone call from the lady that lived at the last known address and she explained that the owner of Billy did live there some 6 years ago.  We knew we had our work cut out for us to try and find his owners.

First thing this morning we set about ringing up the people who implanted the microchip and doing searches on Facebook and Google of the name we had for Billy’s owner.  We also spoke to a few of our contacts in the RSPCA as they had at some point found Billy also.  We drew a blank at every avenue we tried.  So we did a quick search of the vets in the area and literally picked one out of many to try and see if he had ever been registered with them.  The first vet we called we struck lucky,  we gave them the microchip number and they said that they knew Billy and that his owner had called not even two days previous to find out if they had any reports of him being found. 

We agreed for the owner to have our phone number and within 10 minutes we had one very happy but worried owner on the phone.  We explained his journey and that we could bring him home immediately.  So we gave him a quick cuddle and a kiss then placed him back into the cat basket to finally go home.


Such a lovely reunite too as the owners had been so worried about him.  Billy was found around 2 miles away from where he lived and we don’t think he will be doing that again anytime soon as the owners have promised they will be keeping him indoors for a few weeks and updating their details on the microchip database.



Stay safe Billy!

Please remember to update your microchip details.



Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Getting Billy Home
  1. Look at his little happy face, just like his Mum. Great work everybody that was involved..Animal angels…Animal detectives. Lovely happy uplifting story.


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