Reuniting Willow

We were sent a message today through facebook about a cat that was found yesterday and taken to a vet to be chip checked.  The vet found a chip and said they would contact the owner, however the finders (Lucy and Amy) wanted to take care of the cat until the owner was found.

The next day they were getting a little concerned as they had not heard from the vet, so they contacted us for some advice.  We offered to come and check the cats chip and do some research to help find the owner a little quicker.  When we arrived we noticed the cat was underweight and Lucy and Amy explained that they had found her in Rochester initially and they were concerned as she looked very unkempt and thin.


We checked her chip and pulled the details from the database and found out her name was Willow and she was only 3 years of age.  There was only one phone number on the microchip and we called the number with crossed fingers.  There was no answer, so we sent a text message explaining who we were and why we were calling.  Within 5 minutes we received a call back from a very worried owner.  We proceeded to explain that Willow was fine and was not visibly injured, but was very underweight and unkempt but that we could bring her home immediately.  She was over the moon as her children had been missing her a lot.  Willow had been missing for around a month.

We knew that this would be a very emotional reunion, but had no idea just how much of an emotional reunion this would be and just how much Willow meant to the whole family.


Willow slowly came out of her cat box and came straight over to me, climbed up onto my knee and gave me hugs, love, purrs and kisses, I told her she was very welcome and that she had better go and see her family as they had missed her terribly, and so with that she got off my knee and did just that.




These smiles make what we do worth it. Luckily Willows microchip was up to date and within the space of an hour she was back home where she belongs.

Stay safe Willow and thank you for the kisses xxxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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8 comments on “Reuniting Willow
  1. Thank you so much from me and my children, we really can’t thank you enough, and can’t believe how far she had travelled. X


  2. What a wonderful story. This is why I will continue to donate to Animals Lost And Found In Kent..such a worthy charity The smiles on the childern’s face says it all, as for Willow he looks like the cat that just got the cream xx


  3. Ruth Hensman says:

    Great news , thank goodness for micro chips!


  4. Angela Tink says:

    Ahh what a beautiful end to your story willow…. it was my friends who found her and they’ve just shown me this post about her being reunited. Im so pleased shes home where she belongs, safe and sound x


  5. Lucy and Amy says:

    Hiya Vivien, I am the lady that picked her up last night and both me and my daughter fell in love with her but so glad that she is safe back at home with you and your children where she belongs. Hope she has learnt her lesson and doesnt wander again – was flabbergasted at how far she had gone. Enjoy having her home!!!! Regards Lucy and Amy xxx 🙂 xxx


    • Anonymous says:

      Hiya Lucy and Amy.. Thank you so much, she’s laying on my lap asleep as I’m writing this.. She’s always been a tinker, but will be an indoor cat now.. I can’t thank you enough xx


  6. Anonymous says:

    Am just so glad we found you. Made my day seeing your kids so happy. She is one lovely little cat. Going to bed happy knowing she is safe at home. Will definately never forget her xxxxx


    • Vivien Lindsay says:

      Thank you again for being so kind to Willow, the children and myself went to bed very happy and relaxed last night xx


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