Amazing young lads report injured cat in Walderslade

We received a phone call from a couple of young lads today, they said they were out walking their dog in Walderslade on Harptree Drive and came across a cat that looked sore and bleeding and wasn’t making any attempts to run away. They gave us an address to go to and we raced to get there as soon as we could.

Once there we found the cat who was laying on someone’s doorstep, he did look extremely old and had a couple of sores behind his ears, there was no answer at the door so we went door knocking to try and see if anyone else knew of the cat.

One neighbour explained they know the cat really well, that his name is Dave, he is under veterinary care and lives just around the corner.

We rang the lads back and explained the situation. One of them said:

“Well I don’t really like cats that much, I prefer dogs but I saw that cat and got really worried and knew the cat needed help, so I googled ‘pet help kent’ and got your number”.

We can’t release these boys name as we don’t have their parents consent but we are so proud of them for trying to get this cat help. Such upstanding members of society and definitely role models for others their age.

To the parents, thank you for bringing up such amazing young lads.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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4 comments on “Amazing young lads report injured cat in Walderslade
  1. Diane Squires says:

    They certainly was amazing young lads, well done young men!! It’s a pity more young people wasn’t as kind & thoughtful as you two!!

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  2. Kelly Sullivan says:

    This was my son and his friends I’m very proud of him

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  3. Norma Page says:

    Thank you for helping!

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