Deceased Dog Found Lower Stoke

We received a message through our Facebook page from a lady who was out walking her dog down New Hall Farm Lane in Rochester/Lower Stoke this morning when she came across what looked like a dog in a black bag up a bank down New Hall Farm Lane 0.7 miles before Allhallows Road/Stoke Road junction.

We attended as soon as we could to try and locate the dog. Once we received a more precise location of where the dog was we managed to find him.

The dog had been placed in 4 black bags and placed on the right hand side of the road up a small bank. We took photos and videos as we went along. We managed to check the dog for a chip and he was chipped, his name was Fred, a beautiful French Bulldog around 10 months old. Fred was registered as stolen on his microchip, so we rang the phone number on the chip to break the news to the registered keeper.

After speaking with the registered keeper we took the dog to a vet where the keeper could meet us and we could file a report in with the police. Fred has been presumed stolen/missing since January 24th 2019. However he looked well fed and had only been deceased for a maximum of two days.

Do you have any information on how this dog came to be here? Please call 101 and quote the reference number: 1400789

Rest in paws heaven little darling Fred. X

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Deceased Dog Found Lower Stoke
  1. Kaeren Daunt-Jones says:

    How terrible for the owner, I don’t suppose the perpetrators will be found, may they rot in hell. Can you publish cause of death if found? Thanks RIP poor baby.

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