Getting Simba Home

A post went up on our facebook group about a deceased cat that was seen whilst a lady was out for a run along Hook Green Lane and Rowhill Road in Dartford. The post was a screenshot of an original post and it had been posted 3 hours prior to being placed on our group. We tried to narrow down the details to see if anyone had gone to attend but it looked as if no one had. So we left Gillingham and tried to get there as soon as we could.

Upon arriving we couldn’t see any cat, then we started to reverse down Rowhill Road and spotted the cat up the bank. We then checked the cat for a chip, he was chipped and his name was Simba. Although there were no visible signs of injury we believe he was involved in an RTA and placed up the bank.

We went through the chip details and rang the phone numbers on the microchip.

The owners explained to us that Simba had left through their cat flap just after 2pm on Friday the 22nd. Simba was found just under 10 miles away from home so we assume he had possibly got into a vehicle in that time, got out and was disoriented and unfortunately was involved in an RTA.

Words can’t describe just how much this family loved Simba. He was a beautiful boy and he would have been 10 years old in March. We took Simba home straight away so his family could say goodbye and he could be laid to rest. His owners have allowed us to use one of his photos.

Rest in paws heaven beautiful boy xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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3 comments on “Getting Simba Home
  1. Andrew & Marcelle says:

    We like like to thank everybody who helped, Loved and supported us, from bottom of our hearts, and also the amazing work this site does! you bought our boy back home were he belonged.

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