Rescuing Tinkerbell

This is a very unfortunate and tragic story of a lady who had passed away who left behind a family, her cat and her dog. The family tried their best to find somewhere for the cat and the dog that they would be happy.

The dog is over the moon with the new life they have and the new owners have been sending the family and friends updates nearly every day.

The cat Tinkerbell was rehomed but didn’t settle as she isn’t used to a busy household with young children and unfortunately she had scratched one of the kids, so she was sent back to the family who are still trying to organise everything else for their sadly departed loved one.

This brings us to this morning when we received a message stating what was happening and if we could help. So we prepped the kitten room so the cat could have space but lots of places to hide if she needed to.

She was very quiet in the car, she didn’t make a peep. She is 7 years old and not spayed, but she has never had babies as she was an indoor cat. This means her hormones will be all over the place with coming into season, also she has lost her human so her emotional state won’t be good either.

We have placed her on a rescue waiting list for now and will carry on building up her trust and confidence. She has a deformed front left paw but that does not stop her in any way.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends at this sad time of the ladies passing, may she rest in peace.


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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