Getting Floyd the Dog Safe *Warning Distressing Content*

We received a call from Wigmore Vets in Rainham today, they explained that a dog was found cowering in a bush in a very bad way, the dog wasn’t walking properly and wasn’t chipped. We said we would help as much as we can.

The dog is severely matted, covered in fleas and his claws were in serious need of trimming, he is severely malnourished and is skin and bone. This isn’t the only thing that’s wrong with this dog. His back legs aren’t right, he walks with his knees together and waddles (sort of like swimmers syndrome but reversed).

The dog warden has been informed and a disclaimer will be signed by ourselves through the warden to hold for the 7 day period to see if an owner comes forward for him. He is around 20 weeks old according to our vet.

He has been flead and wormed, he’s been given a bath, some pain killer, antibiotics and a small hair cut (so he could actually see!) .

He is a sweet boy and loves cuddles but is so itchy and uncomfortable with the flea bites and patches of fur missing all over his body.

If you have any information regarding this dog, please call us in confidence on 07803322297.

For now, welcome little Floyd x

Update: This baby also has lice šŸ˜¢

He already has treatment that will help get rid of them. He has a long road ahead of him.


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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