Getting Carrot Home

We received a text message from a lovely couple this evening, they said there was a cat trying to get into homes along their road. They let the cat come in and wondered what they could do to help locate the cats owners.

We explained that we could check for a chip to try and help. They were very happy for the help so we left immediately to attend and crossed our fingers and toes that the cat was chipped. She was and her name is Carrot, as soon as we saw her name we knew exactly who she was and called her mummy.

Carrot had been missing for months, she was originally a rescue cat from Romania and she is such a loving cat.

Poor Carrots feet are all dirty. She was around 2.2 miles away from her home across a very busy road at the top of Gillingham. Needless to say her mummy will be keeping her in indefinitely so she doesn’t go missing again.

Carrot was reunited within the hour of checking her chip.

Stay safe gorgeous Carrot xxx

We would like to thank the finders for keeping Carrot safe and we would like to apologise their dog for carrot ruining their birthday Hehe.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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