Getting Smile and her babies safe

We were tagged on a few selling sites on Facebook about kittens that were being given away free. We tried to point the owner in the right direction to help as giving away free animals on social media can be extremely dangerous for the animals.

After some time we received a message to ask if we would ‘take them now’. The owner had limited English skills so we explained what would happen if we were to collect them.

As we arrived the 4 kittens suddenly turned into a mum cat of 3 years old and 3 kittens. So we placed them into the cat baskets and started to set off for HQ. We noticed one of the kittens seemed lethargic and was not moving much, the owner said it was because he was just a sleepy kitten, this was not the case at all.

Mum and babies have been placed together however we have had to race the ‘sleepy’ kitten to the vets as he has had some head trauma, we know this as one of his eyes was sealed shut with blood and he had crusty blood around his nose also. The vets are trying everything they can for him. He is dehydrated and cold. Vets are giving him a 50/50 chance of survival.

This is mum and the two babies:

We will make sure they are safe and cared for until we can find them a rescue space.

These free kittens were being given away because the owner is off on holiday. We beg you not to ever give animals away free to good home, we have seen what happens to some of the animals that have been given away and it is not pleasant. Thankfully the owner trusted us to get these babies safe.


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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