Getting Ollie Purrs and Spikey Mikey safe

We were sent a message yesterday about 2 kittens that were believed to have been dumped inside a bag in a car park in Chattenden. We attended and checked both of the kittens over. The finder had kept them both safe all night and given them food and a litter tray. Because the finder already had a young cat she couldn’t keep them for very long.

We have brought both boys back to HQ, both aren’t chipped but are both well fed. We have flea treated and wormed them.

They will be staying at HQ until we find a suitable rescue space for them.

This summer we have had over 10 kittens dumped within a 1 week period and this is the ones we know about, it’s very scary to think how many more there are that go unnoticed. If you get a pet then please plan ahead if you are going away on holiday, don’t just dump them expecting others to help them. Some kittens die before help can get to them. Be a responsible pet owner.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Ollie Purrs and Spikey Mikey safe
  1. Sandie says:

    It was my daughter who found and cared for the kittens. I would love to have kept them but I have 2 cats and a dog already so cannot. They are so lovely and deserve a forever home, hopefully, one will come for them very soon. Sandie


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