Getting Cannon and Ball Safe

We received an inbox from a lovely lady called Paula she explained she was out walking her dog and she heard some kittens menowing under a car, she had a look but couldn’t grab them as she had her hands full, so she took her dog back home and went back with some food to try and encourage them out from under the cars. Three of us attended Dee, Tracy and Natasha to see if we could help.

By the time we arrived Paula had managed to pick one of them up but the kitten was trying hard to escape her clutches. We ran across and placed the first kitten in a basket and set upon trying to get the other kitten.

We used everything in our toolbox including food and a laser pen but this kitten was not playing ball.

After a bit of silence and slow moving the kitten came out to see his sibling, we threw a sofa blanket of the kitten and placed him in the basket. These kittens aren’t feral and must belong to someone somewhere. They were found on Wakely Road in Rainham. Do you recognise them? They are not chipped.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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3 comments on “Getting Cannon and Ball Safe
  1. Edith Scott says:

    Hello, I’m looking for a kitten for my daughter who is celebrating her 30th birthday. We have always had a cat at home and I know it would make her very happy to have her own. Do you have any kittens up for adoption at the moment?


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