Cat Mutilation in Wigmore *Warning Distressing Content*

We were called to a property in Wigmore last night about a deceased cat that was found in a back garden. We attended as soon as we could to check for a chip. It became quickly apparent that the cat was not involved in an accident and there had been foul play involving a sharp instrument with the cat.

The police have been called, a number of statements have been obtained and this case has been filed under Operation Takahe. The owners have also been informed.

Please be vigilant in this area and keep your animals indoors/within your sights as much as you can.

Rest in paws heaven beautiful baby xxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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9 comments on “Cat Mutilation in Wigmore *Warning Distressing Content*
  1. Michelle Humphrey says:

    Thank you for being there for my sister, her cat was such a beautiful soul … cannot believe that there are such sick people in the world that would kill a defenceless cat. RIP little one … run free over rainbow brigge xxx


  2. Jon says:

    This awful I hope the find this sick awful person. I feel so bad for the people that lost there cat.


  3. (HUGS) and healing thoughts to the family of this poor cat. So very sorry.This maniac/s must be caught and dealt with, been going on too long


  4. Allison Smail says:

    Hi so sorry for the owner’s and poor baby, this beast of a human if you can call him human must be caught,sooner or later he will make a mistake and will be caught hopefully before any more animals and owners suffer 😢😢

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  5. Chris says:

    I live in wigmore and have 3 cats.
    Where was this?
    Such terrible news. Really worried now.


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