Getting Ashford feral kittens and mum safe

Back in June we were alerted to a feral mum cat (Sprout) that had given birth to some kittens outside a property in Ashford. We asked the finder to get Sprout and babies into a feeding routine so we could set up a trap and get them all safe. When we arrived the finders had been feeding them all and they had been trying to touch the kittens to get them used to handling. We managed to trap all 4 of the babies, but Sprout hadn’t been seen for a few days prior to trapping.

We asked the finders to feed Sprout inside the shed and when she was comfortable to eat there to close the shed door and give us a call. She had other ideas and refused to play our silly games.

Fast forward to December and the finders got in touch again saying that Sprout had another litter of babies. This time we were going to make sure that mum was trapped so she could be neutered. We attended and set the trap up again and caught 4 of the babies.

Mum again wasn’t playing games, so we explained to the finders that we were going to leave the trap with them so that mum would definitely get caught this time.

8 days later (today) we received a message that Sprout was in the trap this morning. We raced over to get her, rang around to get her booked in for neutering and set up a pen for her so she is comfortable until her operation. The finders are more than happy for Sprout to go back to them so they can continue to feed and provide shelter for her.

No more babies for this madam. Sprout 1 – ALFIK 1

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

Posted in Rehabilitated, Reunited

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