Getting Nasty Home

A post went up on a Facebook group from a lady who had come across a dog walking around in Chatham/Walderslade this evening.

We explained we could attend and check for a chip. The dog wasn’t chipped.

We then placed a post on our facebook group for the dog and went driving about the local area to see if there was anyone out looking for the dog. In the meantime the finder was walking about knocking on doors when she received a message from a lady saying the dog belonged to her. The finder was a little concerned with the description of the dog the lady gave her, so she asked for a photo of the dog. This woman sent her a photo that was similar to the found dog but it was not a match.

Thankfully after some driving around and an amazing finder the rightful owner was located. He was walking around the street with the dogs harness and lead extremely worried.

The owner was over the moon to see his dog Nasty. We have advised the owner to get Nasty chipped as soon as possible. He was being looked after by his dog sitter when he snuck out!

Stay safe gorgeous boy!

We would like to remind people that when you have found a dog NOT to take the first persons word that the dog (or any animal) belongs to them, always ask for proof. Legally the dog warden has to be called when a dog has been found straying. When the dog warden is not in operation then please utilise a nearby vet or animal welfare organisation to help. Please also be wary of individuals that hold microchip scanners as they may not be covered under the data protection act or be insured.

With huge thanks to Lauren for taking such great care of Nasty and freezing her poor fingers off walking him around to find his owner. You lady, are a star!

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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