Getting Stanley the dog home

We received a call from one of our members Natalie Lee Randall about a deceased dog that had been found in a large carp pond. They had managed to get the dog out of the pond but sadly it was too late. 

We attended to check for a chip as quick as we could. When Natalie mentioned the dog was a staff and was black and white we knew which dog she was referring to as the owner had placed a post on the group and was out searching. We didn’t place anything online as it may not have been her dog and wanted to double check with a chip check. 

We attended and knew straight away that the dog was the missing dog Stanley. We checked the chip anyway just to confirm and that matched Stanley’s details too. We rang the owner who had an idea that it may have been her dog as Natalie had messaged her to ask for more details on her dog.  The owner couldn’t speak on the phone and handed the phone to her other half, they weren’t sure how they would collect him, so we explained that we could bring him home straight away.  The finders gave us one of their picnic blankets and we wrapped him up, gave him a big kiss and cuddled him all the way to the car. 

We then arrived at the owners house we picked him up out of the car,  gave him another kiss and long cuddle as we carried him up the hill back home to his mummy.  He was such a darling boy, we had the pleasure of meeting him before, he was so full of love and life. 

As we drove home this evening, we spotted a rainbow and wished him well as he crossed rainbow bridge. Rest in paws heaven handsome boy xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

Posted in Paws In Heaven, Reunited

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