Aurthur The Feral

We received a message about a white cat that a lady had been feeding for some time as she said he looked as though he was losing some weight over time.  She explained that he wasn’t approachable and hissed every time anyone went near him.  A post was placed on our group and other places to try and locate an owner for the cat, a few possible matches came up but no owned missing cats matched this boy, the finder named him Aurthur.  She noticed he was limping at some point also so we explained that we could try and help with a humane cat trap.  We managed to get the finder to set up a feeding routine quite easily as he was feeding from her garden and also sneaking into her kitchen when her door was open to steal her cats food also.

After 2 weeks of trying to get him into a routine he disappeared every time it came to the 24 hour hunger strike.  So we tried again, this time he was beginning to hang around more often in the morning and in the evening, so we explained to the finder again not to feed for 24 hours and we would come with a trap to try and contain him.  After a little time waiting he finally went into the trap!


He was looking very sorry for himself, very grubby and he was very feral indeed.  We rang the vets to book a neutering space with them to get him neutered and also to get him checked over and checked for a microchip.


He was not a happy cat at all, but needs must!  After booking him into the vets we received a call from the vets to explain that he had an infection in one of his claws so he would need a course of antibiotics, we also asked if they could flea and worm him whilst he was under anesthetic so that he would be worm and flea free and a lot more comfortable, he also had no microchip.

We will be releasing Aurthur back to where he came from later this evening to the place that he came from.  The finder is happy to have him still visit her and has also set up a good feeding station for him so he can continue his usual routine.  Hopefully now that he is neutered he won’t get into as many fights with other male cats in the area over females, and if he does eventually want to venture indoors to the finders she is more than happy to accommodate him.

Be safe Sir Aurthur xxxxxxx


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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4 comments on “Aurthur The Feral
  1. Emma Cousins-Bond says:

    Good luck Aurthur xx

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  2. Dawn Bell says:

    Where was he found, ours went missing 6 months ago in Canterbury but he is neutered and chipped so I don’t think this could be him.


  3. Tracey Claxton says:

    Stay safe sweetheart xxx

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