Reuniting Billy Boy

We were sent a message this morning about a cat that hadn’t come back home since 2pm yesterday in Chatham.  The owner was really worried as he always comes back after being out for an hour or so.  His cats name was Billy boy,  he wasn’t chipped or neutered.  After a few hours we received a call about a deceased cat that had been found in someones Garden,  so we left immediately to check for a chip.  The cat wasn’t chipped and wasn’t neutered.  So we picked the cat up and placed him safely in our vehicle to go through the missing posts.

As we looked in our rear view mirror we noticed a street sign with the word Meadow on it,  suddenly we remembered that a cat matching this little ones description had been reported.  We then contacted the owner to ask a more detailed description of his cat as this cat was black all over.  He provided extra details of the eye colour and size of the cat.

Unfortunately the cat was Billy boy and he was reunited with his human dad who was clearly devastated at the news of his boy passing.  We would like to thank the vets that gave out our number and details for these people to contact us so we could get this baby back home where he belongs.

Rest in Paws Heaven little dude xxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Reuniting Billy Boy
  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your help Billy boy will never be forgotten rest in peace Billy boy love dad


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