Getting Ben Home

We received a phone call about a staff that was running about on Sturdee Avenue in Gillingham.  The lady on the telephone was really worried because the road was very busy this afternoon.  We left to attend and help contain the dog.

A lovely young lady had taken her strap off of her bag to use as a slip lead for the dog.  We checked the dog for a chip and he was chipped, his name is Ben.

We ran his chip number through the database and rang the only number on the chip with fingers and toes crossed.  A very puffed out sounding lady answered the phone, she went on to explain that the dog belonged to her mum and he had got out of the only part of the garden with a hole in the hedge.  She tried to pursue Ben but she can’t walk very fast at all.  We explained we could bring Ben home to her within the hour, she was so delighted.  Her mum was out shopping and is totally oblivious to Ben’s adventures.

We placed Ben in the back of the car, however, he had other ideas and wanted to ride up front like a big boy, so we strapped him in and set off to take him home.

He was such a good boy and gave us loads of kisses and tail wags all the way home.  Because the owner had him chipped and kept her details up to date, we were able to locate and reunite within 10 minutes.

Mr Ben was so pleased to be home and had a big bowl of water waiting for his return.  Be safe big boy xxxx


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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