Getting Barsik Home

We were sent a message about a cat that had been visiting a lady in Chatham for a few weeks,  the cat had a stumpy tail and initially was quite thin when he first arrived.  She asked if we could come and check the cat for a chip,  so we organised with her for the next time the cat was around to go over and check him for a chip.

The lovely lady got in touch with us to let us know he was back again today,  so we left as soon as we could to get to where she was. 

We saw him laying on her sofa when we arrived quite happy with himself,  so we ran the scanner over him,  he was chipped!  His name was Barsik and he was approximately 2 miles away from the address on the microchip details,  so we rang the only number on the chip database.  A lady answered and she explained to us that he had went missing from them around 3 weeks ago and they had given up hope ever finding him. 

We explained we could bring him home within half an hour,  the owner was over the moon!  We placed Barsik into a cat basket with no fuss at all from him and proceeded to take him home. 

received_10155084951982662Barsik walked around his home like he had never left.  Proof microchipping and keeping your details up to date works.

Stay safe beautiful boy xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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One comment on “Getting Barsik Home
  1. Shelly says:

    That’s lovely!


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