Getting Harry Safe

We received an inbox on the 25th of June about a labradoodle that had gone missing from a kennel around the Cuxton area, he had slipped his lead and took off running.  We placed a post on our facebook page and group, however there were no photos of him to be shared, only that he was a white/cream male labradoodle.


We kept an eye on all groups that we are in for any sightings or any matches of this dog, but there was only one sighting on the day he went missing.

Today a lady called Sue posted onto our page with a photo of a dog that had been found in that area.


We sent a screenshot to the kenneling staff and they said that it was a match!  Sue then sent our phone number to the finders and we received a phone call to attend to check the dog for a microchip.  When we arrived the kenneling staff were already there, so we continued to check the dog for a chip to match the chip number up with the number they had for the dog, it was a match.

Little Harry was so tired from his two days on the run, all he wanted to do was rest.


He had clearly caused quite a stir with a few people.  But Harry is now safe!



Be safe Mr Harry xxxxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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3 comments on “Getting Harry Safe
  1. Ah bless him – and bless all concerned in finding him ❤️


  2. Nicola Maull says:

    Thank you SO much to everyone involved in getting our boy back safe. We’ve just gone to the kennels to collect him and heard about everything – we were in Spain getting married over the weekend.

    Massively appreciated Xxx


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