Getting Dexter Safe

We received a message from a lovely lady who volunteers at the Blue Cross.  A cat had been hanging around her friends house for some time and she was concerned that he may be lost.  Thankfully the lady from the blue cross had her own scanner as she works with animals and scanned him for a microchip.  He was chipped and she contacted us with the chip number and details of where he was.

We did a look up on his chip and found his name was Dexter,  a 3 year old ginger and white male.

We then contacted the phone numbers on the microchip and received a call back stating that they thought that he had died as he had been missing since September last year!  They had moved address after he went missing and he had been hanging around waiting for them to come home.

So with some help from the finder of the cat she managed to contain him in her kitchen this morning as he was always around first thing in the morning basking in the sun.  We arrived and placed him in a cat basket and proceeded to take him home.  Unbeknown to us his human family were out this morning,  so we brought him back to our home,  gave him some food and water and a safe place for him to be until his owners were home.


He took everything in his stride,  didn’t fuss,  fight or cry with his whole ordeal, but he was very scared.

Dexter was reunited around 10:30 this morning to a very emotional owner.


Be safe Dexter xxxxxx


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Dexter Safe
  1. Well done all – stay safe Dexter x


  2. Sue Gurney says:

    A lovely happy ending


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