Getting Billy Home

We received a phone call about a dog that was found in Rainham this evening. We explained we could check the dogs chip to hopefully locate an owner.

We attended and checked the dog for a chip and he was chipped, his name was Billy a gorgeous EBT.

We tried calling the number on the chip and contacting the owners through Facebook but no reply. We decided to go door knocking and again no one was home.

We spotted a couple across the road and asked them if they knew the people living in the house, they didn’t but knew someone who did. Thankfully they got in touch with the people and they knew who was meant to be looking after Billy as his owners were on holiday!

Billy is now back safe in his home for the dog sitter to carry on looking after him until his owners return from holiday.

Stay safe Billy!

We would like to thank the finders and also the couple that helped us track down where Billy was meant to be. Amazing community of people.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Billy Home
  1. Lee Knowles says:

    Thanks for the amazing job in tracking down Billies owner, and such an amazing response/service.
    What a great job you are doing for all the animals and their owners.
    Such love for all these beautiful animals that need it!

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