Helping Purrita and Glenda

We saw a post on Facebook a few weeks ago about a mum cat who had given birth to 4 babies in a shed, 3 of which had perished. We attended to help and see if we could contain mum and get her remaining baby also.

The shed she they were in had a large strip missing from the bottom of the door, but the finder had managed to block this up stopping mum from running away or moving the babies.

As we attended one of us was closed in the shed with the mum (it was very dark as there were no windows), however mum was very strong and managed to break down the barricade of wood and run away. Completely disheartened we waited to see if mum would return for her baby, she didn’t.

After speaking to the finder she told us she had quite a few unneutered cats that had taken over her garden, so we put a plan in place with her to see if we could help.

In the meantime we brought the kitten Purrita back to HQ to start hand rearing and also brought the deceased babies back with us so the finder didn’t have to see them again.

Purrita is growing and feeding really well, she has been placed beside our other handrear Oakley so they can grow together as adopted siblings.

Kate Black from Streetkatz Rescue got in touch to ask if she was able to help by placing cat traps in the finders garden to see if mum could be trapped.

Today we received the best call ever that mum was indeed in the trap! Although it was our day off we raced over to get her, also rang Manor Vets to see if they could squeeze her in for a spay, check over and microchip.

Her name is Glenda. She will be staying with us overnight for observation and the finder would like to try and keep her in her conservatory for a couple of days afterwards as she has built up some trust with her.

The traps are still there and set ready for the next baby to be neutered.

Thank you Streetkatz Rescue for your help with traps and Manor Vets for squeezing us in so quickly. Also to the finder for feeding these babies and trusting us to help.

Unfortunately when the vet was doing Glenda’s spay they found that she was at least 2 weeks pregnant again. This is exactly how feral colonies start. No more babies for you Glenda and a very happy new life filled with treats and the option to go indoors if you want to.


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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