Abandoned Cat and Kitten Found in Lordswood

We received a call about a cat and kitten that had been abandoned next to Lordswood Leisure centre car park. The cats were in a dog crate with no food, blankets or water.

A lovely lady called Stacy spotted them, they were then picked up with the dog crate and they were taken to a lady called Natalie’s house. Stacy and Natalie then posted a photo on Facebook and asked for help.

We have now collected both cats from Natalie who had given them some food and cuddles.

We have checked both cats for a chip, neither are chipped. The grey and white cat we have named Ribbon. Ribbon is female, approximately 1 year old and she has had babies before judging by nipples.

The black and white kitten is male (we have named him Thomas) and approximately 6-7 weeks old. Both cats have been flead and wormed and are now under the care of Animals Lost and found in Kent Ltd. Ribbon really doesn’t like Thomas so we have had to separate them.

If you have any information about these cats then please get in touch with us in confidence on 07803322297.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Natalie and family for caring for these babies and keeping them safe until we could assist.


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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4 comments on “Abandoned Cat and Kitten Found in Lordswood
  1. Annette Barsby says:

    Tragic, and so unnecessarily cruel, Hope they can be found a good home soon Thank you for helping the two abandoned puddycats xx

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  2. Helen Cheeseman says:

    Natalie is an earth angel for saving these poor beauties. They don’t ask to be born, only to be fed, watered, have a cosy bed & be loved. Some people shouldn’t have animals. We would be interested in meeting Ribbon if possible. 🙏🏼🤬


  3. Della gibbons says:

    I know a lovely lady who wants to give a cat/kitten a goid home..If they are still looking for good homes please let me know! Kind regards Della


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