Getting Rosie and Jim safe

We start this story around February last year (2017) when we were called to collect a semi feral cat that had babies. We brought the mum cat back to HQ and got her booked in for a spay, we named her Rosie. As we went to get her in the morning from the room we noticed the window was wide open as she had managed to unlock the window and off she ran. This would then turn into a hunt and regular feeding to get her trapped again, which took a whole year.

This brings us to now where a lovely lady called Kirsty placed a post on our facebook group explaining that she had seen a single kitten with a mum cat inbetween Castlemaine Road and Grange Road in Gillingham. We raced down there with a trap and some yummy food.

This mum cat had taught her baby very well, she sat and watched from a distance whilst her baby stole most of the food without going into the trap. After a few hours the mum cat ran past the baby, pushed him out of the way and went into the trap herself. We quickly placed her into a pen, making sure that it was zip tied as we knew she would try everything to escape.

Our attention then turned back to the baby, who was being a pickle. He knew to use car wheel arches to stay warm and we left some food out for him overnight.

The next morning we booked Rosie in to be spayed and then set up for trapping again. The kitten sat up on a wall staring at us as if he knew what we were trying to do and was sticking his middle claw up at us for some time πŸ™ˆ.

We decided to get Rosie, cover her with a towel and place her behind the trap in a cat basket to see if she would call him, she didn’t. So we decided that patience and lots of jungle spray formula on ourselves to stop the mosquitoes eating us was the way forward. Well, after another 3 hour wait he started going into the trap then bang!

Jim has now been with us for 5 days and is allowing touching and stroking. We even got a purr last night from him! Mum has been spayed, chipped, flead, wormed and has been released back to her stomping ground with HQ and a few others as her feeders.

A massive thank you to Kirsty for spending a whole evening with us and for alerting us to them.

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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