Getting Saru Safe

We received a phone call from a very worried staff member at Dobbies in Gillingham. She went on to explain that there was a kitten screaming for help as he/she was stuck. They tried to explain the gravity of the situation over the phone and said that the wooden fence was over 40ft high one side and a metal fence around 10ft the other in between Tesco Gillingham and themselves at Dobbies. We said we could leave immediately and try to help. Armed with a trap, basket, food, a net, blankets and cat boxes as we didn’t know which would be best to use to save the kitten.

We understood the severity of the situation as we arrived as a few members of staff at Dobbies took us around to where they could hear the kitten. There was no room to put an arm down to reach to where the noise was coming from so we all decided to go around to Tesco’s to see if we could try and access the 40ft wooden fence. By our calculations of where the kitten cry was the kitten was 30ft high behind the fence on a ledge. We were so worried that this would be one of the hardest rescues that we would have to do to date.

We went around to Tesco and we were given clearance to their delivery area. Luckily when we arrived the kitten had scrambled to the bottom of the wooden fence, we followed the noise and managed to break apart the fence to get the kitten free. The kitten is female and approximately 6-7 weeks of age, she is unharmed but is very skinny and dehydrated. She has been named Saru.

We would like to say one massive thank you to the staff at Tesco Gillingham and Dobbies Gillingham for alerting and assisting us to this little girls plight. Our apologies to Tesco for breaking their fence!


Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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4 comments on “Getting Saru Safe
  1. Aww that was a brilliant rescue Well done. hope the little one made it through that awful experience

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  2. Carol juniper says:

    Again you are absolutely brillant you are so wonderful to save this little kitten what would little animals do without you lovely people xx

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