Getting Dennis Home

We received a phone call from a lovely lady called Sheila. She explained that a cat had been hanging around her property since before Christmas time, she didn’t feed him initially and left it some time to see what would happen. The cat was relentless and was crying outside in the snow so she said she couldn’t leave him out there to get cold. She allowed him a bed in her conservatory but everytime she closed the door or went near him without food he would run away.

We explained that we could try and check the cat for a chip and check on his neuter status as he was spraying inside her property. We arranged to go today.

We attended and Shiela got the food ready, placed it down and shut the door behind him, he didn’t seem to mind initially until we approached him, he started hissing, spitting and lunging. We managed to contain him by using our blanket technique which is the least stressful method we could use at the time.

We got him to our vehicle and checked him for a chip, he was chipped! His name is Dennis and he only lived one street away. We called the owner who explained he had been missing for quite some time, so we arranged to take him home.

Little Dennis is actually a professional sofa surfer and does not like to stay indoors, he has always been this way. We have advised to try and keep little Dennis on for at least 3-4 weeks. They have tried this previously, but he has other ideas.

Welcome home little one xxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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