Getting Perkins (Perky) Home

A lady posted on our facebook group about a cat that was found deceased under her car in Rainham this evening. The cat was picked up, wrapped up and placed somewhere safe so we could attend and check for a chip. A lady that lived on the same road had kept the cat safe in her shed and she said that she recognised the cat as he would sneak into her home and steal her cats food, she was ever so upset about the situation as she is a big animal lover as was the finder.

We checked the cat for a chip and the scanner beeped. The cat was called Perkins and only loved a street away. So we rang up the owners who didn’t believe us originally until we explained that we got their details from Perkins microchip. We then explained we could take Perkins straight home for them. After a little while of shock and disbelief the owners were very grateful that Perkins was back home. His owners explained that he was a rescue cat from Cats Protection Bredhurst 10 years ago. He had been missing for 3 days and evidently the finder hadn’t moved her car for around 3 days either.

Perkins is now back home with his owners where he will be laid to rest.

Rest in paws heaven beautiful boy xxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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2 comments on “Getting Perkins (Perky) Home
  1. albert henry moon says:

    To Nat thank you for kindness in bringing perky home to us we will be forever grateful alb jill


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