Getting Jake Home

We received a phone call from a lovely lady this evening, she explained that her daughter Imogen had found a dog running around in Rainham. We explained we could attend and check for a chip.

As we attended Imogen explained that there was another dog running about with this dog but she could only catch the one. So we proceeded to check the dog for a chip. He was chipped! His name is Jake and he was registered to an address in Dartford. So we rang all of the numbers held on the chip and a lady answered, she explained she rehomed the dog to a lady in the Rainham area. She said she had contact details of her and would call us back straight away with the owners name and address.

In the meantime Jake was having a party to himself and we were worrying about the other dog that was still out there somewhere.

We then were tagged on Facebook with the owner panicking about her dog that had gone missing called Jake from Dartford. We exchanged phone numbers and it turned out that we had microchipped one of her other dogs a while ago.

Jake was recently neutered by the new owner to help stop him from running away to find the girls. The other dog that was with Jake went back home of his own accord (naughty boys).

We thanked the finders for keeping Jake safe and continued to take him home.

Jake was Reunited within the hour back home to his other naughty brother and his laid back brother who didn’t move through this whole escapade.

Jakes’s microchip details will be updated on the database to his new owner and they will be taking extra measures to make sure he can’t escape.

Stay safe Jakey boy xxxx

Massive thank you to Imogen and her mum for keeping Jake safe 😍

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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