Getting Murphy / Orrin Home

We received a tag on a Facebook group about a cat that had been involved in an rta on Luton Road in Chatham this morning.  We were about to leave when we received another tag on another group explaining that a lovely lady had picked up a deceased cat from Luton Road,  placed the cat into a bag and moved the cat away to safety.  We got the details of where the cat was placed and attended as soon as we could.

Traffic was very slow moving this morning so we had enough time to try and curb crawl to look at where the cat might be.  We parked up and walked back to opposite Mccolls corner shop as that’s the details we were given,  however there were a good few bags in that area so we had to try and check each one to see which one the cat was placed inside.

Eventually we found the cat,  cradled him and walked back to the car to scan him for a chip.  He was chipped and on his microchip details it stated his name was Orrin.  So we rang the first phone number on the microchip database and explained to the keepers of Orrin what had happened and that we could bring him home to them.  

We took him back home and the owners had said that he had been missing for a little while and that they had only rescued him from a charity as he had been living in a greenhouse previously.  

As soon as the keeper said greenhouse we knew exactly who Orrin was as we had been aware of him for a long time and about his history living in a lovely ladies greenhouse called Val.  Our hearts sunk even more and we tried our best to keep ourselves together for the owners.  

Orrin was called Murphy previously and had been living in a greenhouse for a while when Val got in touch with Anim-Mates Rescue to see if they could possibly house him instead of him living outside all of the time.  Val was ever so fond of Murphy and was sad to see him go,  however she had given him a second chance in life to be warm and cosy in a home setting.  He was the rehomed to an amazing couple in Chatham who changed his name to Orrin.  

Unfortunately Orrin managed to escape their home through a door that had been left open for only a second.  They tried everything to find him to get him back and even had a sighting of him and were trying to encourage him back home.  

Unfortunately Orrin never did manage to find his way back on his own.  We are so very sorry for everyone’s loss here at Animals Lost and Found in Kent and we would like to thank the people who alerted us to him this morning,  to Val,  Anim-Mates and Orrins owners for giving him the love,  care and the second chance that he so deserved.  Rest in Paws Heaven little darling one xxxx


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