Getting Simba Home

A Facebook post was placed on our Animals Lost group last night about a deceased cat that had been found by a couple on their driveway as they returned from work. The person that posted explained that she had given our number to the couple for us to help.

We then recieved a phone call after messaging them about what we do so we would check the cat for a chip.  The woman was extremely upset but agreed to us attending to check the cat for a microchip.

When I arrived they explained everything that had happened and they had taken such good care of the cat and placed him into a box carefully away from their driveway.  They further explained that there was also a cat that was sitting with the deceased cat and wouldn’t move for some time,  so we all came to the assumption that the deceased cat must have known the cat sitting by him.

We checked the cat for a chip and he was chipped,  his name was Simba.  So we tried to call the phone numbers that were held on the database,  but they just rang out.  So we picked Simba up and decided to knock on the address that was held on the chip.

When we arrived at the address there were no lights on and no answer from knocking either.  So we rang one more time and heard stirring inside the house.  The owners came to the door and we explained what had happened to Simba,  we also asked if they had another cat because of the cat that had been sitting with him.

Apparently Simba had a friend in the street that he would walk around with now and again,  so I explained that Simbas friend had said his goodbyes to him before walking away after some time. 

Rest In Paws Heaven little one xxxxxx

Not for profit animal welfare organisation.

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6 comments on “Getting Simba Home
  1. Ah bless, so sad xx


  2. So sad…Rest in peace


  3. leanne adkins says:

    My beautiful simba we will miss you so much xxx


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