Reunited*** Fluffy’s Journey Home ***Reunited

We were tagged earlier on today to do a chip check on a found cat.  So we arranged with the finder to attend and check the found cat.

After a little bit of stroking and loving we managed to check the cat for a chip,  and he was chipped!  We contacted the relevant microchip database and had to do a little digging to get the details.  We found that his name is Fluffy.  We continued to call the owner and the details were up to date and he was Reunited within the hour.

Fluffy is neutered and it still doesn’t deter him from roaming around,  some cats will roam no matter what you try to put in place to stop them.  Thankfully the owner had Fluffy chipped so we could get him home safely.  He had walked for approximately 3 miles to get from his home to where he was found,  he had been missing for around 2 weeks and we are told by the owners he does this on a regular basis.

Stay safe Mr Fluffy ❤



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4 comments on “Reunited*** Fluffy’s Journey Home ***Reunited
  1. Linda Lucas says:

    Well done girls! You do amazing work reuniting lost animals Xx


  2. Sue Spink says:

    Yes, well done. We often (thankfully) see that animals have been reunited but it is good to see what the back story is, how far they have travelled and how long they have been missing.


  3. Brilliant…well done….guess this is the downside of the wonderfully independent nature of cats! So glad you found his family!


  4. Tina Ryan says:

    Really well done to you all. What you do is above and beyond. Great news about fluffy! I remember this cat going missing!! Xx


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