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Deceased black and white female cat found Luton Road Chatham REUNITED

Update: owner located. Kittens are 7 weeks old and safe! Rest in paws heaven Molly xxxxx A post went on our group about a deceased black and white cat that was found in a front garden on Luton Road just

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Deceased White and Black Female cat found Herbert Road, Chatham 

We received a phone call about a deceased cat that was found down an alleyway on Herbert Road in Chatham. We attended as soon as we could to collect and check for a chip. Unfortunately the cat isn’t chipped and

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Getting Chase Home

We were tagged on Facebook about a lady that had found a dog in Chatham. She had tried ringing the local dog warden but apparently their computer systems were down this morning. We liaised with a vet nurse who also

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Deceased black male cat found Palmerston Road Chatham 

We recieved an inbox about a cat that was involved in an RTA this afternoon. Unfortunately the cat didn’t survive the accident. The person that hit the cat stopped his car to check on the cat, unfortunately the cat died

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Deceased Ginger Male cat found Constitution Road Chatham 

We were sent an inbox and a tag on a Facebook group about a deceased cat that was seen down an alleyway leading from Constitution Road to Chatham Hill Bridge in Chatham this morning. We managed to locate the cat,

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